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Waxy, lardacious, or amyloid degeneration consists in a waxlike infiltration of the tissues of certain organs, notably the liver, bowel, kidneys and apleen it never arises as a primary departure from health, but always as an end result of some other disease of long standing.
The most common antecedents of amyloid changes are chronic tuberculous disease of bones, joints, or lunge, ulceration due to syphilis, and canceroua cachexia. Amyloid degeneration brings about a steady loss of strength and an increasing anaemia. The liver becomes coneiderably enlarged and pale the activities of its cells are much restricted, and igeation is greatly impaired. The bowel wall becomes thickened and swollen, obstinate and exhausting diarrhoea is set up, and the power of food absorption is much diminished. The kidneys suffer also with serious interference in their function; through their unhealthy cells an excessive amount of water and a variable amount of albumin are ex creted. These dieturbances of vital functions have a most harmful effect upon nutrition and the maintenance of bodily weight and strength.
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Amyloid disease itself is incurable; if measures are taken early to deal with the underlying cause, it may be prevented, but when once the condition has become well established its arrest is unlikely. Modern treatment of tuberculosis, with the prevention of ehronic abscesses and sinuaes, and of syphilis, with the prevention of chronic ulceration and necrosis of bone, is in process of making amyloid disease uncommon.