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THE Christian Home Doctor differs radically from other Health Encyclopedias, with its vast range of subjects, with its unrestricted field of interests, in being concerned exclusively with one great theme - the physical health and well-being of the individual and the community.
Categories: First Aid & Domestic Emergencies
Diseases & Disorders Dietetics & Lifestyle
Anatomy & Physiology Remedials
Monastic Medicine • Clerical Medicine • Pastoral Medicine
Abdomen Abdominal Exercises Abscess Aches & Pains
Acids & Acidity Acne & Acne Rosacea Adenoids Adhesions
Albinism Albumin & Albuminuria Alcohol & Alcoholism Alkalosis
Amenorrhea Amyloid disease Anasarca (Oedema) Anemia
Aneurysm Angina pectoris Autosuggestion Bacilluria (Germs in the Urine)
Biliousness & Bilious Attacks (Migraine) Cirrhosis of the Liver Compresses & Packs Debility, Exhaustiion
Dropsy & Oedema Dupuytren's contraction Dystrophy Ear Diseases
Eclampsia Eczema Ectopic Pregnancy Emphysema
Eplilepsy Facial Paralysis, Bell's Palsy Fibroids, Uterine Fibrosis
Fibrositis (Aches and pains) Headache Hoarseness Hodgkin's Disease
Infantilism Infectious Diseases Fainting Faith Healing
Fibrositis (Common Aches and Pains) Goitre: Simple and Malignant Infantilism Laryngitis
Lassitude, Weakness Mastoiditis Measles Molluscum
Morning Sickness Morton's Disease (Morton's toe) Mumps Muscae Volitantes
Mycosis Myopia (short sight) Myositis Myxoedema
Naevus Nasal Catarrh Nature Cure Nausea & Vomiting
Nephritis (Bacilluria) Purification (Detoxification) Pruritis (Itching) Ptomaine Poisoning
Retention, Anuria Rheumatism Ringworm, Favus Stiff Neck, Wry Neck
Stroke (Apoplexy) Sunburn, Sunbathing Tic Douloureux, trigeminal neuralgia Toxaemia (Auto-intoxication)
Tympanites Typhlitis Uraemia (Renal Failure) Varicose veins and ulcers
Vertigo, Giddiness, Dizziness Whitlow Worms Wounds
Body Fluids Cold, physical effects Heat, physical effects Iodine Law of Stimulation
Baths, medicinal Compress & Packs Douches Electrotherapy Epsom salts
FAITH HEALING Galvanic Bath Heat, Hygienic and Curative Uses with Hot Weather Hints



Hydrochloric Acid (Three years of HCl therapy, as recorded in The Medical World, 1935)
Iodine Nature Cure Homeopathy Purification (Detoxification) Vibratory Massage
Ptomaine Poisoning Sunburn
Ante-natal Care How to Live 100 Years, or , Discourses on the Sober Life Invalid Diet (Food to Serve in Disease and Convalescence) Pharmacology of Meats according to Leviticus & Deuteronomy
Reform Cookery Book Spa Life Sunbathing  
Upon the Blessed Virgin's assent to be the Mother of the Divine Word Incarnate, and through Christ's expiating sacrifice on the Cross, herbs and flowers, along with the rest of the world and nature, were freed of their associations with the false pagan deities imposed upon them by previous generations. Thus liberated, herbs and flowers, in their created purity, beauty and varied forms from the hand of God, were then given true Christian association.
Rev. Wesley Arnica Montana Golden rod  
Rev. Kuenzle Bear's Leek Lady's Mantle  
Father Kneipp Fern Nettle, Stinging  
Rev. Graham   Pimpernell  
Modern Monastic  Medicine   Plantain  
Paul Wendel, N.D.