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A Common Cause of Aches and Pains
Literally an Inflammation of fibrous tissues, fibrositis is a term somewhat loosely applied to a condition arising in muscles, tendons and fascia resulting in the appearance in their substance of tiny nodules tender on pressure and causing pain and stiffness on movement- a condition generally referred to as rheumatic. Lumbago is a common example of this trouble, and is responsible for much incapacity among the manual workers all over the world. Fibrositis is a most common condition for which people seek pain medications yet often worsens the condition.
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Mainly from the action of poisons derived from various sources, inflammation of white fibrous tissue in the sheaths of muscles or nerves, and in other parts, occurs and results in the formation of nodules which press on nerves, and may give rise to great pain.
Fibrositis is the outcome of one or all of the following conditions: interference with the local blood and nerve supply, circulation of chemical or bacterial poisons and retention ih the body of waste substances owing to a failure of the eliminative action of the skin and bowel. Relative paucity of blood supply in comparison with other structnres explains the frequency with which the condition attacks tendons and fascia; injury or disease may interfere with nutrition of other parts and pave the way for the development of fibrositis in any of these.
Poisons whose retention has a bearing on the condition may he derived from faulty body chemistry, as in gout, but more often are the products of infecting organisms situated in the mouth, upper air passages, tonsils or bowel.
Pyorrhoea, or pus formation in the sockets of the teeth, is one of the most common causes; concealed sepsis in one of the sinuses opening into the nose is another, and is apt to be overlooked; unhealthy stagnation and putrefaction in the small or large bowel are present in most all cases. Another fruitful source of hidden sepsis is the tonsil.
“Killed nerves” and crowned teeth are responsible for a vast amount of disease due to septic absorption, and X-ray examination of such teeth often reveals an unsuspected focus of disease.
ITreatment of Fibrositis must begin by the eradication of any poisonous focus that can he discovered, must promote a healthy and adequate circulation in the affected part, and must stimulate the lessened powers of elimination.
Massage is useful by virtue of its mechanical softening effect upon stiffened parts and indirectly by promoting an increased flow of blood and lymph through the unhealthy area causing removal of toxins. lt is aided by the local application of heat and by the use of stimulating liniments that will produce local flushing. Ionisation with sodium salicylate or iodine, electrotherapy and diathermy are often aseful. Every effort should be made by the patient to keep the affected muscles active despite the pain. Regular sweating combined with warmth is a valuable aid in getting rid of accumulated poisons. Drugs of the salicylic acid group, especially sodium salicylate and aspirin, have a well deserved reputation for affording relief, but they are not truly curative, and they do not have any action upon the faulty conditions that lie at the basis of fibrositis. Iodine, 1-5 drops of the tincture well diluted 3 times daily will often clear up a persistent trouhle when the cause has been dealt with.