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Golden Rod (Solidago virga aurea)
Smokh   This shrub-like plant attaining at times 3 feet in height, with yellow blossoms, grows in logged off places, in berry-patches, at the edge of roads. It fully deserves its name of Golden Rod.
Taken internally as a tea in cases of croup, dyphtheria, inflammation of the throat, and larynx, diseases of the bladder, inflammation of the kidneys, diarrhea, blood-spitting, sleeplessness, it does great good, but if taken internally always add the same quantity of juniper-berries or Centaury. Drink half a cup three to five times daily.
For external use dry and soak this herb and use as a compress for the same diseases.
The two alpine relatives of this herb, Senecio cordatus and Senecio Fuchail, have equal or even stronger healing qualities.
Four parts of Golden Rod and one part of juniper-berries (or centaury) make a good and quite harmless sleeping potion (taken half an hour before bed time).
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