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Lady's Mantle (Alchymilla vulgaris)
Smokh   In different parts of Switzerland this plant is known as small mantle of the mother of Gods, Womans Help, Wellbeing of Women.
These names alone give an idea of part of its healing powers. It grows everywhere in shady places, near brooks, damp meadows, especially on mountains, as high up as the eternal snows. It has an illustrious, noble sister, Silver Mantle of the Alps (Aichymilla alpina), which has the same healing qualities, only in a higher degree. This plant
grows only in alpine regions and is recognizable by its silver sheen on the under side of the leaf.
The ancients were well acquainted with the magic power of this herb and called it cAlchymilas (magic herb)
Lady's Mantle well boiled and drunk warm, quickly removes all pains in the head, cures colds in the head, inflammation of the eyes in a few hours, and frequently headache and toothache (use as a gargle).
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Moreover, it cures all inflammation of the abdomen, fever, gangrene, ulcerations, tumors and even hernia, for which reason it is especially to be recommended to women. Every woman in childbed ought to drink a good deal of this herb for a week or ten days. Many children would still have their mother and many a stricken widower his wife, had they but known of this gift of God.
It stands to reason that in ailments of long standing this remedy must be used for a longer period. Many operations of rupture performed on children and young people could be avoided by the use of Lady's Mantle.
Two-thirds of all women's operations would he superfluous if this remedy were used at an early stage and for a long period.
Furthermore, this herb boiled and drunk copiously, calms fever and gangrene in the case of all internal injuries, broken ribs, blows inflicted by wood, stone, iron and after a heavy fall. Internal injuries cause the death of a great many people; this herb takes away fever and inflammation rapidly, and accelerates the healing process; but in such cases the patient must drink large quantities, one to two quarts a day, according to his thirst (do not forget to add sugar).
Lady's Mantle crushed and applied externally heals wounds, stings and cuts.
Children with weak muscles, in spite of good food., will gather strength by continuous use of this tea.
Tea of Lady's Mantle will cure diarrhea.
This herb is of greatest value for cattle; fed dry it will cure diarrhea and calves' paralysis.
The tea of Lady's Mantle is an agreeable, even delicious beverage. Mixed with cowslips it is better than Chinese tea, and much more healthy. It calms the nerves, brings a healthy sleep, and is a quick remedy for people who frequently feel sick in their stomach.
In the case of stoutness and a bloated condition (not produced by over-eating and a lack of exercise), silver mantle of the Alps (Aichymilla alpina), is. sure to produce good results if used for a lengthy period.
Gather Lady's Mantle from May until July, dry it well in the sun and store in a dry place.
What healing power has the Creator given to this graceful plant!