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Pimpernell Root (Plmpinella)
Smokh   What is Pimpernell? It is known to many people by the name of goat's root as it is an exceedingly obstinate plant. It has a blossom similar to caraway and chervil and is to be found in great quantities in meadows and all the way up into the high Alps as early as May. It is the roots which are used, cut small, dried and ground to powder in a coffee-mill. This powder can be added to coffee, milk, wine, cider or water according to choice.
Pimpernell is as violent as a Russian, and eliminates persistent and ulcerated substances from the larynx, lungs, stomach, and intestines; cures hoarseness (cooked in wine and used as a gargle and a drink), in an hour, is therefore, of inestimable value for speakers, removes catarrh of the intestines and lungs; prepared with vinegar, pimpernell removes proud flesh and pus, and cures wounds rapidly.
Whenever the Indians in Dakota want to show especial friendship to anyone, they will present him with a handful of pimpemell which is very scarce in those parts.
We make a pinipernell-candy from pimpemell-powder, which is very useful in the case of hoarseness, cough, catarrh, and a mucous condition of the lungs and stomach.
Used externally all kinds of plantain are helpful in the case of toothache (chewed or as a tea, or a gargle). Plantain crushed, and used as a poultice cures wounds and cuts as quickly as arnica, cures dog bites, snake bites, the sting of wasps and of other insects. God be praised for giving us such a marvellous healing plant in such great abundance!
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