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Priory of Santiago

The Priory for Professionals and those of Vocation...

The Order of Santiago was founded in the 12th century under the patronage of Galicia and Spain, Saint James the Greater. As was common in knightly orders of the day, the Order of Santiago had a character similar to a religious order and was both hospitaller and military, like the Knights of St. John and St. Lazarus. In addition to monasteries, they also operated several hospitals including a leper hospice.

The Order of Santiago, like the Templars, Knights of Christ, and Hospitallers, quickly gained much feudal power and land, both by gift and by conquest of the Moors in Iberia. The new areas they established would be centered around a fortified structure, such as a castle, with garrison support and village networks built around it.

By the time Christopher Columbus arrived in Spain, the Knights had conquered and reclaimed Spain under Christian rule. Hundreds of Knights eager for new adventure, joined Columbus and other explorers to the New World. Many of the Knights were appointed Governors, in such lands as Puerto Rico (Ponce de Leon), St. Augustine Florida (Menendez), Dominican Republic (Ovando), Jamiaca (Esquivel), and others. The Knights of St. John (Poincy) would end up governing St. Christopher, St. Martin, Saint Barthélemy, and Saint Croix.

We invite lay and executive members in Santigo for those who support the works of the Order on Nevis. Members admitted into the Knights of Santiago receive the Order's regalia, a full set of books, a Certificate of Membeship, a lifetime pass for member and spouse to the Hospitaller Museum and a sample set of the Museum's charts and postcards. Members are also welcome to attend any of the Order's investitures and seminaries.

You can join now by filing out this application and receive your member package by post. Upon attendance of one of our investitures, you will be officially 'knighted' with the Order's white mantle (cape) as celebration to our Lord. More...








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