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One form of masaage that is occasionally used with great benefit depends on the vibratory movement of the tissues in response to a stimulus applied by the hand of the masseur or masseus, or by means of a
mechanical contrivance. This type of maasage is employed chiefly in treatment of nerve conditions, and for the removal of deposits in the deeper muscles and in the neighbourhood of joints. It is too painful for use in cases of acute nerve pain such as intense neuralgia, but is useful in allaying the constant dull ache of a long-standing neuritis, and in soothing the excitability of peripheral nerves that is a cause of spasm in many exhausted states.
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VIBRATION: FOR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Vibratory movements of the tissues constitute a very stimulating form of massage, useful in cases of neurasthenia and thickening of the tissues in chronic rheumatism, and other conditions. The apparatus shown is worked from a wall plug.
Hand vibration is applied by the fingertips or by the whole hand held in light contact with the skin of the patient and vibrated smoothly and constantly by a movement situated chiefly at the wrist-joint. This form of massage is difficult to give well, and is very fatiguing to the operator; for these reasons mechanical vibrators have been invented which, driven by handle and gear wheel or by electricity, afford a ready means of applying vibro-masaage without fatigue and with constancy of force, and can, if ne.ceasary, be used by the patient upon himself without the need of a masseur or masseus.
One variety produced vibration by means of a hammering stroke; another and more efficient type produces vibration by means of an interrupted circular movement of the applicator. The latter type of instrument is the more useful in treating deep inflammations and deposits of fibrous tissue.
An elaboration of vibro-massage is the shaking massage that is used more particularly in the treatment of inertia of the contents of the abdominal cavity.